Frequently Asked Questions


box3How many leads should I expect per day?

This varies from business to business, the service being offered and the location.

Why Are Phone Leads Better Than Email Marketing?

When someone decides to make a phone call to a business, they have a greater sense of urgency and more willing to buy your product or service. When you send an email message you are contacting someone that may or may not have an interested in your product or service. If someone takes the time to call  you, a business owner is almost assured that the person calling has a high level of interest.

I’m Getting Quality Leads That Call But I’m Not Closing The Deal?

With our lead generation system your team needs to be prepared to be able to handle the volume of calls and pick up the phone. If your group needs help with phone handling skills, you can schedule a call with one of our coaches.

Where Do Your Leads Come From?

We are a full service marketing company. Our team specializes is placing your product or service in front of the right people at the right time.

I Already Have A Marketing Guy, Can I Still Take Advantage Of Your Lead Generation Services?

Yes! Our campaigns are completely independent from any other form of advertising you may be currently engaged in. There is no additional work required on your end, other than answering the phone and taking on new clients.

What Industries Do You Service?

If your customers can call you, chances are our Lead Generation services are right for you. However, we only take on clients for which we know we have a high possibility of growing their business exponentially and will let you know if we believe another marketing solution is best suited for your business needs. Gives us a call to learn more (386) 478-4668.

How Much Does The Lead Generation Services Cost?

You can select from either a Weekly Service Plan or a Monthly Service Plan. Click Here To Select Your Service Plan. Pay a fixed fee for Unlimited Leads. Our leads typically have higher conversion rates and higher ROI than most lead generation companies. To learn more Give Us A Call (386) 478-4668.

How Will You Know What Type Of Leads I’m Looking For?

You know your business better than anyone, this is why when you sign up for our Lead Generation Services, we take our time to interview you and understand your target audience. We will design a customized campaign based on your goals to pre-qualify your leads as much as possible before they call you. Our goal is to provide you with exclusive leads within your geo-targeted area, which have the highest probability of converting into a customer.

Do You Offer A Guarantee?

No questions asked. 100% money back guarantee, within 10 days of Campaign going Live.

What Can I Expect Now That I Have Placed My Order?

Once you have completed and submitted the Onboarding form your order will be completed within 4 to 5 business days.
After your order has been completed and your campaign goes live, we will notify you so that you can be ready to start receiving your inbound calls.

If you were not redirected to the Thank You Page after purchasing, please Click Here to complete the Onboarding Form to complete your account setup.

How Do You Track Phone Calls?

We use a call tracking system to keep track of the inbound calls. Our system logs the date and time of each call and shows us how long the call lasted.

We will provide you with a Username and Password to your client dashboard, where you will be able to see the following:

    •  Call history
    •  Recordings of all Calls (optional)
    •  Detailed report for each service period that includes every phone call generated by The Lead Pro

Do You Have Long Term Contracts?

No, we offer weekly or monthly service plans.

Getting Started Is Easy!

All you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call at (386) 478-4668.


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